The Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) Portal has already been embraced by over 500 Victorian schools and more than 3,500 businesses. In this video, take a look at the ways in which the site makes it easy for students to browse and express interest in a wide range of SWL opportunities across Victoria, choosing from host employers who have worked with their Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) to offer SWL which builds on students’ VET courses. This case study involving Banyule Nillumbik LLEN, Britex, E-Focus, St. Vincent's Care and Montmorency Secondary College is just one of many early success stories. Whether it’s on mobile, tablet or PC, the SWL Portal makes it easy for schools and employers of any size to connect.
See what happens when a large, community-minded employer decides to embed the Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) Portal in its company-wide processes, training its staff in-house so that they can continue to offer SWL opportunities to VET students across multiple departments well into the future. Hear from EACH, the Outer Eastern LLEN and Lilydale Heights College about how this approach has not only led to valuable outcomes for young people, but also represents a great example of the long term vision for the SWL Portal in Victoria.
Explore a leading model for the development of meaningful student pathways into the Health industry. Northeast Health is working in partnership with NE Tracks LLEN and schools including Wangaratta High School to open the eyes of Victorian secondary school students to the many exciting, challenging and increasingly-important roles in Health. The workforce of the future will be shaped by projects such as this.
Local needs and creative thinking; these are two crucial ingredients when seeking to build a successful project that connects schools and industry. See one of Victoria’s most successful grassroots initiatives in action as students put their VET Hospitality skills to the test by competing in the Murray River Culinary Challenge. Hear from Campaspe Cohuna LLEN, Echuca College and local employers about how this competitive, real-world experience has led to real outcomes for both students and employers.
Immersing young people in real workplaces while they learn is crucial, and it works best when everyone benefits from the partnership. With the right approach, even highly specialised industries can offer VET students a wide range of Structured Workplace Learning placements and potential employment outcomes. Take a look inside how South Gippsland’s dairy industry, through the work of Burra Foods, Korumburra Secondary College and South Gippsland Bass Coast LLEN, is opening its doors to students and helping to sustain both business and the local community.
Large employers whose services span a multitude of industries can play a key role in the development of skills in young people. This is especially true in regional Victoria, where smaller towns often have reduced access to industry opportunities. Learn more about how Central Ranges LLEN has helped to build a vibrant partnership between Broadspectrum, Puckapunyal’s Department of Defence base and Seymour College, and how this is only the start of many possible opportunities for Structured Workplace Learning and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in the region.
Understanding the depth and complexity of an industry allows students to truly see what it has to offer them and how it matches with their skills and interests. The energy sector is an excellent example of an industry where this type of understanding is important but not always easy to come by. The Victorian Energy, Education and Training (VEET) Program aims to provide this spark of understanding for Victorian secondary school students in the Gippsland region. See how Ausnet Services, Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN and local schools such as Drouin Secondary College make this connection possible.