W111117 - Fabricator

Johnson's Truck and Coach Service

Do you aspire to work as an Engineer: Metal Fabricator? This opportunity may be the right opportunity for you.

This is opportunity is for a student to gain structured workplace learning as an Engineer: Metal Fabricator in a supportive team. This is an ideal placement for a student currently studying a VETDSS subject in Engineering: Fabrication Trade to gain skills at a leading Automotive Retail, Service and Repair business in the Automotive: Heavy Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Mildura area.

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Skills You Might Learn

The student may have the opportunity to attain a broad range of skills while on work placement. These may include valuable employability skills such as:
• Communication.
• Teamwork.
• Punctuality.
• Presentation.
• Problem solving.
• Planning.
• Initiative.
• Hygiene.
• Follow instructions.
• Work under supervision.
• Industry specific OH&S.

The student may also attain vital industry specific skills which will relate to their secondary school studies they include:
• Hands-on practical experience.
• Observing and learning from industry qualified and experienced professionals.
• Working in real-life scenarios.
• Working with tools and equipment necessary to the occupation.
• Liaising and working with supervisors, colleagues, industry personnel, customers/clients and suppliers.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Metal Fabricators (Boilermakers) produce metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) fabricated products such as structures, frames, plate assemblies, pipe-work and vessels using tools, welding and thermal cutting equipment and fabrication techniques. Welds are undertaken to pre-determined standards and may be tested for compliance to required standards. Fabricators/Boilermakers use a wide range of hand tools and hand held power tools and workshop machines such as drills, grinders, clamps, benders and lifting equipment.
Tasks and duties may include;
• Perform engineering measurements
• Perform computations
• Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
• Plan to undertake a routine task
• Plan a complete activity
• Apply quality systems
• Apply quality procedures
• Organise and communicate information
• Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
• Perform routine oxy acetylene welding
• Carry out mechanical cutting
• Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
• Apply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques
• Assemble fabricated components
• Perform routine manual metal arc welding
• Weld using manual metal arc welding process
• Repair/replace/modify fabrications
• Select welding processes
• Apply safe welding practices
• Mark off/out structural fabrications and shapes
• Use hand tools
• Use power tools/hand held operations
• Use workshop machines for basic operations
• Undertake manual handling

Student Requirements

Students with a positive attitude towards Engineering: Fabrication Trade and in particular as a Metal Fabricator and are self-motivated, willing to listen and follow instruction are encouraged to consider a future SWL placement to develop skills learned from their VETDSS subject.

Whilst the students is attending the work placement they are expected to:
• Dress appropriately.
• Maintain interest and participate in tasks and work duties.
• Be willing to spend periods of time observing before undertaking necessary tasks as requested.
• Be well mannered and behave in a respectful and responsible manner.
• Be punctual.
• Follow management instructions.
• Act in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.
• Work within the team.
• Listen and take advice from fellow workers.
• Respect other people’s belongings.
• Keep a note pad and pen handy to take notes for their own reference.
• Demonstrate the skills they have developed through their course.
• Take their Log Book to the work placement every day.
• Students must be willing to spend periods of time observing and to undertake necessary tasks as requested.

Dress Requirements

The student must be well presented in the appropriate work attire at all times as follows;
• Work boots with steel caps.
• Work overalls and/or full length work pants.
• High visual shirt, long sleeves.
• No inappropriate slogans or ripped clothing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the tasks and duties carried out by the student, will be supplied by the Host Employer.

KMART Mildura is a supplier of appropriate worksite clothing.

Special Transport Requirements

Public Transport is limited, students to check bus transport availability and or speak to parents/carer to organise transport prior to contacting employer.

Buslink Sunraysia: Ph: 5023 0274, Website: http://buslink.com.au/your-bus-service/mildura/


  • 22209VIC - Certificate II in Engineering Studies
  • 22470VIC - Certificate II in Engineering Studies
  • MEM20105 - Certificate II in Engineering
  • MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
  • MEM30305 - Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W111117
Location: Mildura - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: To be negotiated, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.
Added By: Northern Mallee Local Learning & Employment Network


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