W120439 - Joiner/ cabinet maker

Joiner/ cabinet maker
AKC Kitchens Koroit

ACK Kitchens is a family owned and operated cabinet making business situated in the main street in Koroit. The business manufactures built in and free standing cabinets and furniture and provides on site assistance in the installation of furniture and cabinets typically in kitchens and bathrooms or related contexts. Installation skills may be applied to either new or renovation work. The student will assist the cabinet makers in their kitchen making enterprise. No phone use will be aloud during working hours.

Skills You Might Learn

Skills attained will be strengthened communication and teamwork skills, specific use of hand and power tools, experience in assembling cabinet components, finishing the componentry and installing cabinets. Students will also become skilled in measurement and manufacturing calculations.

Typical Tasks & Duties

The student will support the cabinet makers where required in the production and installation of cabinets. The student will be expected to communicate both with the work team and with the business clientele. Hand and power tools for the furniture making sector will be used and the student must have some experience in using these with accuracy and safety. Mathematical skills in measurement and calculation are essential. The student will be involved in preparing surfaces for finishing, assembling furniture/cabinet consonants, selecting and applying hardware, joining solid timber,, making timber joints, and preparing cabinets for installation.

Student Requirements

It would be beneficial if the student was enrolled in Certificate II in Furniture Making or Certificate III in Cabinet Making as these directly relate to the industry. The student needs to be aware of the vital nature of measurement and correct calculations as accuracy is crucial in the manufacturing process from start to completion.

Dress Requirements

Dress needs to be appropriate to work in a dusty environment and to be neat and tidy for customers. Trousers and long sleeved shirt are advisable.

Special Transport Requirements

Student needs to be able to make their own way to the work shop in Koroit.


  • LMF32109 - Certificate III in Cabinet Making
  • MSF20313 - Certificate II in Furniture Making
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W120439
Location: Koroit - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: Students will attend a full work day from 8.00am to 4.30pm on the day to be negotiated. However students will need to be there before 8.00am.
Added By: South West Local Learning & Employment Network


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