W127674 - Construction assistant

Construction assistant
Jackson Building & Home Maintenance

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact CGLLEN for specific details of the student work placement- swl@cgllen.org.au or 5352 3266. Jackson Building & Home Maintenance has a workplace learning opportunity available for a student who is motivated and enthusiastic about the construction and building trade profession. Owner/Operator, Brad has many years of experience and a long history of supporting student work placement. Brad is supportive and students will be given worthwhile experiences in the various aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial building and maintenance services. If you are interested in learning more about the construction trade with a leading builder, please talk to your careers teacher today about how to apply.

Skills You Might Learn

Students may have the opportunity to attain a broad range of skills while on work placement. These will include valuable general employability skills such as:
- Effective communication.
- Teamwork.
- Problem solving.
- Initiative and enterprise.
- Planning and organising.
- Self-management.
- Learning.
- Technology.
- Liaising and working with colleagues, bosses, customers/clients, and suppliers.
Students may attain vital industry specific skills which will also relate to their studies such as:
- Hands-on practical experience.
- Observing and learning from industry qualified and experienced professionals.
- Working in real-life scenarios and environments.
- Working with tools and equipment necessary to the occupation and business.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Students will assist trained staff in performing duties, students receiving high level supervision.
Students may assist or observe trained staff with the following activities:
- Traditional carpentry and framing, preparing a building site.
- Handling tools and equipment (under high supervision of the workplace supervisor).
- Assisting trained staff with construction activities, such as, cleaning and maintenance of tools and equipment and clearing work sites.
- Completing all related job preparation tasks as assigned by trained staff.

Student Requirements

Students are encouraged to consider a SWL placement to develop skills learned from their VET course in Building and Construction.
Whilst the student is attending the work placement they are expected to:
- Students must have completed the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) module in the relevant VET course, along with a completed White Card (Construction Induction Card).
- Students must be willing to spend periods of time observing and to undertake necessary tasks as requested.
- Dress appropriately and wear Personal Protective Equipment as part of certain work tasks and duties.
- Maintain interest and participate in tasks and work duties.
- Be well mannered and behave in a respectful and responsible manner.
- Be punctual and notify the workplace supervisor and careers teacher of any planned or unplanned absence from placement. Please discuss extension of placement dates if there are nominal hours to be completed as part of the VET course.
- Follow management instructions carefully and competently.
- Have good communication skills and display a friendly customer service manner.
- Work as a productive team member and have skills in effective communication.
- Listen and take advice from fellow workers.
- Respect other people’s belongings.
- Keep a note pad and pen handy to take notes for their own reference.
- Demonstrate the skills they have developed through their course or school subject.
- Take their Workplace Learning Record and/or take course assessment tasks to the work placement every day.

Dress Requirements

Dress requirements will be discussed with the successful student applicant prior to commencement. A hi-visibility top and protective footwear (steel-capped work boots) are required.

Special Transport Requirements

The student will be required to arrange their own transport; if transport is presenting a problem, please contact CGLLEN to discuss available options and support that can be provided. Email: SWL@cgllen.org.au Phone: 03 5352 3266. If it is proposed that the student may need to undertake vehicle travel with their employer and/or supervisor during the arrangement (including transporting the student to and/or from the workplace), the employer must complete the Structured Workplace Learning Travel and Accommodation Form. The student or the parent/guardian (where the student is under 18 years of age) must give their consent by also completing this form.


  • 22338VIC - Certificate II in Building and Construction (Pre-Apprenticeship)
  • BSB20120 - Certificate II in Workplace Skills
  • CPC20112 - Certificate II in Construction
  • CPC20120 - Certificate II in Construction
  • CPC20211 - Certificate II in Construction Pathways
  • CPC20220 - Certificate II in Construction Pathways
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W127674
Location: Ararat - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: To be negotiated with Teacher, Student and Employer- Forms required before commencement are Ministerial Order 1412 - Structured Workplace Learning Arrangements; Structured Workplace Learning Arrangement Form; and Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines for Employers. Days of attendance are to be negotiated due to the nature of the work locations and the employer has requested certain days of the week for student workplace learning.
Added By: Central Grampians Local Learning & Employment Network


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