W120891 - Warehousing operations assistant

Warehousing operations assistant
Hopeworks Community Solutions

Hopeworks Community Solutions is a not-for-profit social enterprise that participates in the Cardinia Community Food Hub program, where the students will be contributing to packing the boxes of fresh produce for customers in the local area that are supplied straight from farmers. Additionally, they offer an e-waste program where the students participate in the dismantling and sorting of all items electrical, whether they are cables, old laptops and mobile phones, stereos and more! Each site (Lime Box Cafe and Hopeworks warehouse) operates in a fun, learning environment where tasks are rotated throughout the day so the students don’t become bored or anxious. They both run as social enterprises so that all of the activities that the students do take part of are contributing back to the community, which is a part of their learning and the way they participate in gaining employability skills. (See also Opportunity W12093 at Lime Box Cafe)

Skills You Might Learn

School Based Apprenticeship Training (SBAT) – allows secondary school students the opportunity to attend the Hopeworks Factory to undertake academic and practical learning, in a structured industrial environment, leading to a Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations. This workplace is very welcoming and staff are more than happy to address any learning, social or disability issues so that all students have an opportunity to complete the program successfully while providing mentors to assist them with their bookwork and workplace activities.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Students will be assigned a variety of specific tasks and will be provided with the relevant training. Duties may include:
Loading and unloading produce, stock and goods
Sorting, clothing, food and e-waste
Quality Control
Storage of stock
Food preparation
Production line

Student Requirements

To take part in this program, you will be required to participate twice a week to complete the appropriate training in either a Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations or a Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations through the RTO, National Food Institute.
All students will be paid for 3.5 hours per day, which equates to 7 hours per week. All students are paid for the work that they participate in within the workplace.
NOTE - SBATS will need to be arranged no later than February 28th 2022.

Dress Requirements

Closed in shoes (preferably steel-caps)
No shorts or singlets

Special Transport Requirements

Students to arrange own transport. The warehouse is located at Factory 13,18 Racecourse RD Pakenham and is 400 Metres away from the Pakenham railway station.


  • TLI30319 - Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations
Positions: 80 Positions
ID Number: W120891
Location: Pakenham - Explore Region
Mode/Type: School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs)
Attendance: SBAT - 1 day per week - 7 hours-paid and 1 day work related skills (unpaid) Two options are available - Wednesday AND Friday OR Monday AND Thursdays SWL placements will also be considered
Added By: South East Local Learning & Employment Network


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