W122485 - Child care worker

Child care worker
Ararat Childcare and Kinder Retreat

If you would like to apply for this exciting opportunity, please contact CGLLEN for specific information regarding this Head Start Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT)- swl@cgllen.org.au or 03 5352 3266. Ararat Childcare and Kinder Retreat is a childcare centre that provides care and education for all children from ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. The purposely built playful childcare retreat offers three playrooms consisting of a babies/toddler room, junior room and kindergarten. The recently renovated outdoor spaces offer the opportunity for the children to play and learn about themselves, nature, the growing of their own fresh produce and the fun of fresh air in an environment that is welcoming. If you are motivated, enthusiastic and ready to devote time in an SBAT and share in the adventures of little people's lives, please apply for this opportunity.

Skills You Might Learn

Students will have the opportunity to attain a broad range of skills while studying a SBAT in Early Childhood Education and Care. These may include valuable general employability skills such as:
- Effective communication and problem solving.
- Teamwork and cooperative planning.
- Initiative and enterprise.
- Planning and organising.
- Self-management.
- Applied learning.
Students may also attain vital industry specific skills which will relate to their studies such as:
- Hands-on practical experience.
- Observing and learning from industry qualified and experienced professionals.
- Working in real-life scenarios and environments.
- Working with technology and equipment necessary to the occupation and business.
- Liaising and working with colleagues, managers, community members and parents/guardians of young children.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Students are required to demonstrate a cheerful outlook towards the education and care of young children.
Students will be responsible for the following tasks;
- Assisting Teachers and Educators with planned activities and experiences, setting educational learning spaces in both the indoor and outdoor environment.
- Engaging with children and parent/guardians as instructed by the Teacher in charge.
- Completing all related cleaning and set up and pack away tasks as assigned by the Teacher and Educators.

Student Requirements

Students are encouraged to consider an SBAT placement to develop skills and apply learning from a qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care. The following requirements must be met;
- Students who are identified as being a suitable Head Start candidate will be supported by a skilled case manager who will develop an individualised plan. Students applying for this opportunity should seek consultation from Head Start Central Highlands Coordinator to develop a plan for commencing an SBAT.
- Students must adhere to strict Privacy and Confidentiality policy and procedures.
- Applying theoretical knowledge of children's learning and development through practical assessment tasks assigned by the qualification of Early Years Education and Care.
- Students are required to have a keen interest in Early Years Education and Care and serious about perusing a career in the field of early education.
- Students must be able to spend extended periods on their feet and interact with children at a child's level.
- Students must have a willingness to learn and be able to follow instructions carefully.
- Students must be willing to communicate clearly and work with a team.
- Students must display great initiative to complete tasks and follow Program Plans.
- Students must be cooperative and work as a productive team member.
- Students must follow National Quality Frameworks and early childhood National Law Regulations as part of student expectations and requirements.
- Students must follow Privacy and Confidentiality policy clauses and Child Safe Standards and ensure that a safe environment is maintained for children and staff.
- Personal mobile phones are not required and should only be used out of work hours or on meal breaks.

Dress Requirements

Students undertaking a placement will be required to wear neat casual clothing as appropriate for an Early Years Education and Care Service- comfortable clothing and closed in toe and heel shoes. A hat and sunscreen will be required for all outdoor activity from the months of August through till April (SunSmart Policy applies).

Special Transport Requirements

The student will be required to arrange their own transport; if transport is presenting a problem please contact CGLLEN to discuss available options and support that can be provided. Email: SWL@cgllen.org.au Phone: 03 5352 3266. If it is proposed that the student may need to undertake vehicle travel with their employer and/or supervisor during the arrangement (including transporting the student to and/or from the workplace), the student must complete documentation of consent to travel in a work vehicle. The parent/guardian (where the student is under 18 years of age) must give their consent.


  • CHC30113 - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W122485
Location: Ararat - Explore Region
Mode/Type: School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs)
Attendance: In order for the Training Contract to be registered with the VRQA as an SBAT, a school representative is required to sign the student’s Training Plan to acknowledge that the student is enrolled in a senior secondary program (either VCE or VCAL) and that it forms an integral part of the student’s learning program and study timetable. Training Plans are then lodged with the AAC to finalise the SBAT arrangement.
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