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Ventia - Mornington

Students are to undertake the one week block placement at Ventia where they will participate in the Mindshop excellence program. The students will be given a business challenge at the beginning of the week and with the aide of a facilitator, lear valuable problem solving skills to arrive at a solution to the problem. The student will then present their findings to Ventia on Friday.

Skills You Might Learn

Students will gain valuable skills they can take with them for all number of applications in the future world of work.
Employability skills include:

Time management
Problem solving

Typical Tasks & Duties

Problem solving
working as a group,
interviewing employees
and participating in workshops are all part of the week the students will undertake.

The students will present recommendations to the employer using a number of tools includng public speaking, powerpoint, and step through the tools used through out the week to arrive at their recommendation

Student Requirements

Students are from Balcombe Grammar, Year 10 and will be participating in the program for the duration.

Dress Requirements

Uniform or smart casual dress is required while on site

Special Transport Requirements

Students are to make their own way to the site

Positions: 2 Positions
ID Number: W122906
Location: Mornington - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Work Experience (WE)
Attendance: Monday - Friday at Venia - Mornington Site
Added By: Frankston Mornington Peninsula Local Learning & Employment Network


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