W123130 - Mechanic's assistant

Mechanic's assistant
Morrow Motor Group

2023 OPPORTUNITY: **CAR DETAILING. Morrow Motor Group is a large modern workshop in Horsham offering full service and specialty . They work on all models of cars with a reputation for excellent customer service and very high standards of workmanship. As part of their service, Morrow Motor Group offer full car detailing and have a structured workplace opportunity for a student to work in this department.

Skills You Might Learn

- Cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors in compliance with all company standards and client requests.
- Operating buffers, steamers, hoses, vacuums, and other equipment to meet service expectations.
- Using cleaning, protective, and restorative agents to maintain and enhance the appearance of vehicles.
- Performing inspections and keeping complete, accurate records of the vehicle’s condition.
- Managing inventory and reordering supplies.
- Communication in the workplace.
- Work as part of a team and to deadlines.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Car detailers provide automotive interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or client specifications. They handle everything from a simple wash and vacuum to more intensive cleaning jobs, including hand washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying waxes, polishes, or protective agents to cars.

Student Requirements

Students are expected to have a good work attitude and show initiative. Students will take pride in their work and have attention to detail.

Dress Requirements

Students will be required to wear neat clothing that is comfortable.

Special Transport Requirements

No specific transport arrangements available. Students must organise their own transport, to and from the workplace.

Check the Horsham bus network map at https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/assets/default-site/more/maps/Local-area-maps/Regional/eda63a0697/16_Glen-Eira_LAM.pdf


  • VIC20116 - VCAL Studies
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W123130
Industry Area: AUTOMOTIVE
Location: Horsham - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: Work placement times and details to be negotiated with the employer. Students are expected to be punctual and ready to work, on each rostered day
Added By: Wimmera Southern Mallee Local Learning & Employment Network


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