W132385 - Sales assistant

Sales assistant
Woolworths Berwick

This placement is a great chance for students to learn about retail on a large scale in a leading supermarket whose people are at the heart of all they do. It is a great opportunity for students to improve teamwork skills, communication skills and self-confidence.

Skills You Might Learn

Students can attain a broad range of skills while on work placement. These may include valuable general employability skills such as: - Communication - Teamwork - Problem solving - Self-management. Students may also attain vital industry specific skills such as product/stock presentation, organisation and replenishment, hygiene and safety standards in the food & retail industry.

Typical Tasks & Duties

This placement will offer students the chance to attain a broad range of retail skills. Specific examples are working as part of a team, learning about placement and presentation of stock and learning how to assist customers to find items. You will be supervised by experienced and knowledgeable staff. Tasks can include shelf stacking, stock display and replenishing stock and cleaning tasks as required.

Student Requirements

Students are required to be on time to the work placement. No mobile phones are permitted whilst on the floor in-store. Online Safety pre work must be completed before first day of work placement, login details will be provided at interview. *** Students must apply as a candidate and create an ID prior to interview GO TO - https://www.wowcareers.com.au/ - careers - find a job - set up login - create account which will then give you an ID number.

All placement offers will be subject to acceptance by the People Services team.

Dress Requirements

Student is required to wear black dress pants, a white shirt and closed in black shoes.

Special Transport Requirements

Public Transport available.


  • SIR20216 - Certificate II in Retail Services
Positions: 2 Positions
ID Number: W132385
Industry Area: RETAIL
Location: Berwick - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: Placement is available for a one day a week but for ONE TERM only.
Added By: South East Local Learning & Employment Network


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