W123644 - Assistant sound technician

Assistant sound technician
Goldfields FM


This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the media industry with a community radio station.

A radio station hosts and broadcasts music or talk shows on a variety of media. The job of a radio presenter is to host shows on radio or the internet which revolve mainly around music, conversation, interviews and stories. The job activities can range from producing shows, interviewing, introducing, reading news and sport, informing the listeners about the weather or creating and controlling conversation.

Students will gain experience in a community radio setting assisting with a broad range of skills from:
• Production of radio shows
• Radio hosting if confident try.
• Audio and visual editing

This WORK EXPERIENCE (WE) PLACEMENT is available for a one-week block for term 1 and 2, 2023. Dates can be negotiated directly.

Skills You Might Learn

This is an opportunity for students to gain and understanding of the many technological operations within a live media setting. Students can enhance their communication and team work skills, along with organisation and time management in order to meet deadlines, and enhance their visual and audio editing skills.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Students will have the opportunity to engage in a broad range of tasks including:
Producing content for radio programs, program preparation and research, audio and visual editing, learning the operations of the studio, office tasks and reception duties, cleaning, assisting the radio presenter.

Student Requirements

A genuine interest and passion for radio and an understanding of visual and audio editing. Whilst the students are attending a work placement they are expected to:
Dress appropriately
Maintain interest and participate in work duties
Be well mannered and behave in a respectful and responsible manner
Be punctual
Follow management instructions
Work within the team
Listen and take advice from fellow workers
Participate in business activities as required
Respect other people’s belongings
Keep a note pad and pen handy to take notes for their own reference and demonstrate the skills they have developed through their course

Dress Requirements

Neat casual dress is required and closed footwear must be worn. Please do not wear clothing which others may find offensive.

Special Transport Requirements

Public Transport available

Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W123644
Location: Maryborough - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Work Experience (WE)
Attendance: Monday - 1:00pm to 3:00pm Tuesday - 7:30am to 10:30pm Wed to Friday - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Added By: Goldfields Local Learning & Employment Network


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